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Darkseid's ultimate goal is dominion over all life and existence: to that end he is forever seeking the 'Anti-Life Equation', a form of cosmic knowledge which could be used as an ultimate weapon.His recurring efforts to manipulate, conquer or depopulate the Earth have earned Superman's hatred: Superman will stop at nothing to see his end."Let me tell you tadpoles how I work: I seek out the lost little lambs society has cruelly abandoned, I take them lovingly under my wings, give them the power to face the cold heartless world... "John Corben was a mercenary hired by Lex Corp to steal an experimental Mini-Mecha and deliver it to Lex's (illegal) buyers.His craft landed in a Kansas field, where he was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised the boy as their son under the name "Clark." As Clark matured under Earth's yellow sun, he gained superhuman powers such as nigh-unlimited physical strength and the power of flight.As an adult, he moved to Metropolis to work as a newspaper reporter at the .Especially once he found out that the fatal disease he contracted was deliberately applied to him A Metropolis radio personality who built her career by bashing Superman on the airwaves.She finds herself suddenly possessing electrical superpowers after both she and Supes are struck by the same lightning bolt during a thunderstorm.Clark Kent's childhood friend from Smallville and one of the few Secret Keepers for Superman's identity.

An alien orphan named "Kal-El" who was launched to Earth as an infant to avoid suffering a cataclysmic death on his home planet of Krypton.

While exploring the space around the destroyed Krypton, Superman found Kara in a cryogenic facility and took her in as his adoptive cousin.

Inspired by her adoptive cousin, Kara made a costume with Superman's logo and occasionally acted as Superman's effective sidekick in his adventures.

A genius multi-billionaire living in Metropolis who is the chief executive of his own company, Lex Corp.

In reality, he's a sociopath with a thirst for power and control, which he will gladly go to any length to have.

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